Minggu, 12 September 2010

Planting Myrtle (Crepe Myrtle) in your landscape

Why permeable paving design in mind? These pavers are an environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt or concrete. Benefits include the installation of permeable paving to runoff of pollutants to reduce the lifespan of fifty years paver surfaces, replacing the retention / detention ponds, and also holds other hard surface materials, extreme temperatures, hot or cold. There are many types of permeable paving for residential and commercial projects.
Some cobbles consist of a polymer concrete mix and maintain a non-slip pavers. permeable pavers are designed to provide a flow of water through the edges and let the water cycle, groundwater seepage. You can choose from a variety of colors and mixing concrete for the overall quality and longevity of your project.
You may paving stones in specific patterns depending on the shape and size. Common herringbone patterns, James Bond, basketweave and herringbone diagonal.
Permeable paving system is similar to the installation of brick. Can be blocks of stone or individual pieces to install. Gravel would be the first layer, then a geo-textile, a layer of sand, which is moistened and then block or paver installation piece. The last step is to cover the floor installed with gravel gravel (washed or sand).
After the installation, maintenance is relatively simple process. You can also opt for high pressure washing the floor during this time. An annual replacement of a broken or damaged pavement should also be required. Election of permeable paving provide a long life of your patios, sidewalks, pavement and in the coming years.

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